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Guides to Investing in Atlanta Commercial Property

If you have ever felt that you should be looking more at Atlanta commercial property investment, then you are joining the ever growing investors who want to diversify their investment portfolio and make the best of the economy. It is a good decision on your part, but you need to be guided on how to…

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Spend Your Time Focusing On Your Retirement

This is an historic time in the Atlanta real estate market.  After years of value inflation, prices are readjusting to more reasonable levels for business owners who chose leasing over the past decade.  Financing is tougher, but that reduces competition for buyers with solid fundamentals.  While asking prices are slow to drop, buyers equiped with…

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Simple Ways to Keep Pests Out of Atlanta Investment Properties

Atlanta office spaces and other commercial buildings can be affected by pests. Therefore, it is imperative that property management companies Atlanta take extra care to ensure that pests do not pose danger to the building or cause discomfort to the tenants.  Pest management cannot be overlooked. They should be easily deal with by Atlanta commercial…

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How to Legally Deny an Applicant for Atlanta Investment Properties

There are certain situations that will necessitate a rejection of an application for Atlanta investment properties. If you are an Atlanta commercial property manager, it is imperative that you have a clear understanding of how to deny an applicant without any fuss. Before an applicant is rejected, certain situations must be apparent that justify the…

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