If you are an Atlanta Building Owner you Need MGM

At Tenant Science we strive to achieve the perfect blend of happy paying tenants and profitable well maintained buildings.  We recite our elevator pitch before every meeting, “I am a Commercial Property Manager, meaning I manage, lease and remodel office buildings and retail centers. We make buildings more profitable and give tenants a great place to do business”. 

These are just some of the ways we can help Metro Atlanta Commercial Building Owners;


If you are an investor, then you should know about MGM. For investors the occupancy rate defines the cash flows. You can maximize these numbers making sure that all the available spaces are occupied with credit tenants.  Tenant Science also offers, takeovers, lease ups, and onsite leasing.  One important note about Tenant Science is we are also top commercial brokers in Atlanta.  This means you are getting the connections and resources of top professionals that know how to make a deal.


We make sure that you do not spend more than you have to on operating costs. We negotiate every penny and measure our success on the size of our owner’s reconciliation check at the end of the month. This is what makes us one of the best property management companies in Atlanta. Our management team are experts at finding the most effective solution to your day-to-day costs. We will put this team to work for you and make sure that we come in on time and under budget.


It is required to have healthy, consistent, and long-term relationships with your tenants. Tenant Science keeps a personal and digital relationship with each of your tenants. Our customer service team never lets a customer see that we are upset, we are trained experts at controlling the situation and turning it to our client’s advantage as we aim to build great connections with each of the managed tenants on the property. One of the ways to increase tenant retention is to make it easy for tenants to pay their bills. Our tenants can pay online at www.topcommercialbroker.com via the tenant portal.


We are experts at maximizing income to the property and negotiating the best rates for our clients who allow us to manage their property in Atlanta. One of the ways we get higher rent rates is we negotiate escalations in the lease that automatically leverage comparables up.  We ensure that we provide the best management and real estate services so that our service pays for itself.


We provide the best property services in Atlanta thus you just do not have to worry about your property when it is with us. We are going to provide the best investor, tenant and the buyer for your property. We make sure that you simply enjoy your return on investment while our company makes all the effort to find the right tenant or the investor for you. Moreover, we also ensure that tenant gets the best place for his commercial use so that the tenants business grows quickly. Owners can see in real time, accounting, repair orders and progress through the Owners portal at www.topcommercialbroker.com.


Many of our customers are owner users and do not want to see tenants in the parking lot who are late on their rent or just made an unjustified demand.  Our company will take care of your building as if were our own. If you are a tenant, we will ensure that we make your search for space as easy as possible. Moreover, it is our commitment to make sure that we get you the right place for your business so that your business is a success. 

If you would like to apply for one of our spaces go to our website www.topcommercialbroker.com and click on the button labeled “Tenant Application” submit to the free background check, and once approved we will call you and write up the lease.


Tenant Science is the only commercial property management company in Atlanta, at the time of writing this article, that has the technology to accept payments and give balances instantly online,

Tenant Science is the only company that lets an owner of a building check on status of a repair, expenses, sinking fund balance or any information he needs shown in over 100 different reports on the status of his property in real time online.  

Tenant Science is the only commercial management company that makes it so easy and instant for tenants to apply, submit to a credit check and background investigation. 

Tenant Science is a subscriber to all the major data sources and more.  Real estate in Atlanta have many disparate systems such as FMLS, CoStar, LoopNet, REI Wise, and Exeligent.  If the broker you work with has Exceligent and you list your building on CoStar, the broker that has Exceligent will never know your property is for lease or sale.  It is much more expensive to subscribe to all the data sources above but Tenant Science has proven that broadcasting your product or need to the most people who consume it is worth it.

Tenant Science gets each space you have for lease in a separate ad and blasted on page 1 of Craigslist every week day!

Tenant Science sends the owner and all his tenants on a biweekly newsletter about the property and other articles relating to Atlanta property that is consistent.

Tenant Science has expertise on creating marketing campaigns primarily on the internet which sell or lease your property faster.

Tenant Science has the knowledge to deal with complex commercial real estate issues like HVAC, flat roofs, leaks, LED lighting, security systems, fire control systems, elevators, electric, and advanced commercial plumbing issues.  We are experts in your buildings technology.

Some of the things we can help with are as follows:

Full Financial Reporting                                                                             Investment Analysis

Building Sales and Leasing                                                                         Repairs

Onsite Leasing                                                                                             Landscaping

Lease up campaigns                                                                                     Dealing with Entitled or Stubborn Tenants

Remodeling                                                                                                  Water Usage Monitoring

Build-outs                                                                                                     Commercial Association Management

Tenant Relations                                                                                           Dispossessions and Court Appearances    

Collecting Payables                                                                                      Preventative Maintenance

Security                                                                                                         Permitting



Visit www.topcommercialbroker.com to find out more.

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