Improving Occupancy Rates By Quality Vacancy Management

High to full occupancy definitely means that you will have a fat check at the end of the month and that all resources are being put to use. However, with many commercial rental properties cropping everywhere in Atlanta, you may have to do much more than wait for the clients to come to the property.

The real estate market Atlanta is a tenant’s market where there a fewer tenants and lots of vacant space. This means that the customer has more choices when it comes to choosing a commercial space.

Follow the tips below to help you improve the vacancy rates for your property


If you run a real estate agency or you are your own individual, you must get ways to let the potential customers to know about the new property

Since you may not have the network and the right channels, to get to the potential clients, consider listing with Commercial real estate management firms in Atlanta. Many of the firms offer advertising services at different rates. You may also use the social media, networking with members of the real estate management community, cross-selling, referrals, signage, free listing sites and so forth.

Have your lease agreements professionally done

Many of the potential clients will not sign a lease agreement, which they do not understand or that has terms that they find restrictive.

Many professional property management companies in Atlanta have legal teams to draft the lease agreements on your beforehand. This ensures that you do not omit some vital areas, terms, and conditions for the lease agreement. It will be hard to include terms that were initially not in the agreement.

Retain the tenants

The best strategy to have a high occupancy rate is to retain the tenants that are already there. There are several strategies that you can put in place to retain your tenants. Here are some of them.

  • Deliver on your promises. The tasks that should be done by the owner should be done professionally.
  • Take good care of systems and fixtures as the fire systems, HVAC, the plumbing, elevators, the lavatories, and so forth. The business image of your clients relies on the image and the facilities in the building. Your commercial tenants in Atlanta want to please their customers too. Make it easier for them.
  • Get periodical feedback from the clients on the quality of the service that they get from the estate management and companies that offer auxiliary services and making necessary changes.

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