How to Get Tenants to Pay for CAM Without Complaints

How to get tenants to pay for CAM without complaints
CAM charges are monies that you pay to reimburse the property owner for the cost of maintaining shared features at the rental property. This includes the cost of cleaning and maintaining shared playgrounds, hallways, shared bathrooms and other amenities such as the security lights, lobby fountains or the elevators as well air conditioning for these areas.

If such services as water is shared I by all the occupants in the premises, the charge will be on CAM. Moreover, other charges as property insurance and tax are also added to the CAM charges.

CAM charges take a large portion of some property charges. No wonder most tenants cry foul or fail to occupy some buildings due to high charges. However, you can remain competitive even with the high CAM charges and get tenants to pay without grumbling. Here is how to go about it.

Have the charges clearly shown on the lease
Do not try to make CAM charges part of the fine print on the lease documents so that the clients read and understand the charges. This way, they will sign the documents knowing what they are getting into.

Match the quality of the services to the charges
A large chunk of CAM charges go to maintaining the common areas in the property. If clients are always complaining of overgrown grass, untendered bushed, pavements that arte sinking in or lights that are not working, then they are bound to complain about the CAM charges.

Hire professional commercial property management Atlanta firms
Your Atlanta property tenants may only be in need of someone that explains the CAM charges in detail. A professional commercial property manager has the right ways to approach the clients and explain why the charges. If the CAM charges were properly constituted, you will get the tenants paying without issues.

Seek tenant feedback
Of course, every tenant would like to see the CAM charges go down. However, there other things that you may learn from the tenant feedback that pertains to the CAM. This may be the views on the company cleaning the common areas, what they would love changed of the utility areas and so forth. The dissatisfaction may show that the quality of service is not up the standards as per the charges.

Sometimes the tenants come together for their own social welfare and make a few contributions. Your real estate managers can collect the Community Association Management fees on behalf of the association and remit the monies to them.

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