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Re-modeling Commercial Buildings in Atlanta

In these present times, it is very important that commercial buildings be stylish, modern and updated to suit the rising needs of tenants and their customers alike. This applies specifically to buildings that have been created over years and lack the basic amenities other modern buildings have. Many commercial buildings owe their prospective tenants the…

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Maximizing Your Warehouse Space

A large amount of warehouses actually get to stages where it would just seem like the whole space is shrinking in size and there is just not enough space to house anything anymore. While this may be a good sign (growth in business), it could actually create more problems where storage is concerned if not…

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Atlanta Retail Space Lease: Reviewing the Rent

There will come a time when Atlanta retail space lease/rent will need to be reviewed. A market rent review in commercial property can sometime pose some challenges. If the property is in choice location, it can be difficult to negotiate a review or increase rent. However, there are some things to bear in mind before…

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