So winter is around the corner? Keeping away unwanted house guests

As the temperatures drop in the winter, many insects and pests go into hibernation but just like humans do, most find warmer areas to go on with their lives. Unfortunately, these warm areas could be in inside occupied storage spaces or in units that you have rented out to tenants for business. It is only a matter of time before you start getting phone calls from tenants complaining of bugs and insects inside the premises. As a commercial property owner in Georgia, the law does not require that you control infestation and this is one aspect of Property services Atlanta property ownership that you must handle with discretion. You may have a clause in the lease agreement that outlines the approach to pests and insects during winter but even if it is not there, do it for the sake of your business.

Do not be stunned if you get reports that squirrels are making life unbearable in your office block as they try to seek shelter from the cold. One thing that must be understood is that the rodents will come in for food too. Asian lady beetles are a common sight inside buildings in winter due to their prevalence throughout the country. As an Atlanta investment properties owner, it will do you much good if you prevented entry in the first place since fumigation is costly and time consuming. There must be entry points other than doors and windows through where the pests might come through. These should be sealed as early as possible. Be sure to find recommendation for sealant materials that cannot be eaten by rodents and insects.

It is important to keep underground parking bays clean and dry at all times. Insects like mosquitos breed in moist areas so removing the moisture plays a big part in preventing reproduction. During winter, even though there is a cover of ice on the ground at all times, a few meters below the ground provides a warm and moist spot for pets and animals. Piles of grass, leaves and felled trees should be cleared to avoid moist shelters.

Insects and bugs can be easily controlled by spraying and sterilizing their breeding grounds but careful research should be done in controlling animals like squirrels and bats. In the state of Georgia, it is illegal to kill or capture bats so wildlife officials should be involved to provide the best approach to getting them off your property.

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