Simple Ways to Keep Pests Out of Atlanta Investment Properties

Atlanta office spaces and other commercial buildings can be affected by pests. Therefore, it is imperative that property management companies Atlanta take extra care to ensure that pests do not pose danger to the building or cause discomfort to the tenants.  Pest management cannot be overlooked. They should be easily deal with by Atlanta commercial property manager. All you have to do is to put in place certain things that will reduce or eliminate pest populations in and around the commercial building. Below are some simple inexpensive ways to keep those troublesome pests away.

Check the building

The Atlanta property management company should regularly inspect the building for any sign of pest. The inspection should start from the outside. Some easy access points for pests like pipes and air conditioner lines should inspected.

Seal all cracks and crevices

After the inspection, all cracks and crevices should be sealed with a silicone-based caulk, steel wool, or combination of these sealing materials. There are other areas that insects and other pests can enter the building and these include underneath doors, windows, pipes, vents, cracks, louvers and eaves. It is good to use caulking to seal off these areas so that bugs will not get in.

Reduce outside lights  

For some property management companies Atlanta, this may seem hard to carry out. But, the fact is that if you leave the porch light on, you are going to attract bugs or pests to the building. Tenants and property managers need to understand what leaving outside light on can cause. So, the less lights to attract pest to the commercial building, the better.

Clear out food sources

The Atlanta property management company should ensure that garbage container that easily attracts roaches, ants, rats and other pests should be kept sealed with tight-fitting lids. Besides, it is necessary to clean up spilled garbage. The farther away the garbage is from the building or Atlanta office space, the better.

Keep gutters clean always

Not only do stopped-up gutters prevent the flow of water around the building, but they provide a haven for bug breeding as well. Not to be left out are mosquitoes and roaches that will live and breed in stopped up gutters.  The buildup of debris too will cause the gutters to spill around the building. So, it is important that the Atlanta property manger keeps the gutters clean and clog-free at all time.

So, the bottom line is that property management companies Atlanta need to have plan in place to keep pests away from the commercial building that they are managing. There is no need for professional exterminator to keep pests away from the building. All that is needed is to practice some basic pest prevention and everything will be alright.

Atlanta office space and other commercial buildings being managed by property management companies Atlanta can be kept in good condition to make business activities conducive for tenants if the above simple ways are implemented.


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