Tips to Protecting Your Tenants and Property

The reason why office blocks remain looking new for long periods of time is because of the effort involved in maintaining them. It is only through performing of regular routine servicing that Atlanta office space owners can ensure their property serves them for a long time. Well serviced properties are safe and tenants have no reason to vacate them prematurely. It is however hard work to maintain a building because in most cases the repair and maintenance practices requires professionals who must be paid. As an Atlanta investment properties owner, it is important to keep the chances of legal redress low by making your investment safe. It is in essence a win-win situation between tenants and landlords because both have something to gain from a well maintained building.

Get the right help

Most property owners have more than one commercial building in their name so it may be impossible to be hands on everywhere. This is the reason why many property owners have property managers who do the groundwork for them as part of the terms of engagement. It is important to have people ready to attend to problems as they arise and also schedule for routine maintenance of various systems in the building. For smaller investments, getting a dedicated team to wait for problems to arise may be costly but they can be hired as need arises. Hire the same people every time to ensure that every activity performed is uniform.

Get rid of trash in time

If trash is left uncollected for extended periods of time, the first effect would be to produce a pungent smell that s unpleasant for both tenants and visitors. Most Atlanta property management staff prefers the traditional method of having a designated spot for the dumpster at the corner of the parking lot. This requires that tenants bring out their trash when they need to and in a way passes the responsibility of keeping the complex clean to the occupants. Another option is to hire the services of garbage collection at various time of the week.

Keep the pathways clear

After completion of building, it is not obvious where to take the remaining materials or how to store them. Some end up in hallways or corners in the building and this cause the building to appear unkempt. Apart from posing as potential health hazards that could cause falls, piled up material can be good breeding ground for pests.

If tenants feel that their safety is considered in the building maintenance, they are likely to stay as your clients for a long time.

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