Spotting Bad Tenants

Bad tenants will be the cause of your unending troubles:  Here is how to spot them

Atlanta property management can get tricky sometimes because the core function of business it to get the establishment fully occupied at all times. For Georgia property owners it is now possible to have background checks on prospective tenants that go back as far as 1975. This report is sent to you via email or fax so you are sure that there is no possibility of being tampered with.

It may seem unfair to want to make a decision based on what someone did in the past but the value of being cautious cannot compare to the burden of being too naïve. There are very many things that people do in the privacy of their rental spaces that leave lasting imprints on their personalities. However much such an individual tries to change, the telltale signs can still be seen. As a property manager, it is your responsibility to protect many other tenants and losing out on one unit’s rent could be the least price you pay. Here are some of the main issues that should be dealt with caution if they appear on the credit report.

  1. Credit constraints: Checking with previous landlords will provide information to the effect that an individual has been sued for refusing to pay rent, as your only interest in dealing with them is the income they bring. It is better to leave your establishment vacant than to enter into an Atlanta retail space lease agreement with someone who might not pay rent.
  2. No income source: It is impossible to establish that someone does not have a form of income to pay for the space they have rented for their business or storage. Start up business could be especially tricky to deal with because their chances of success are 50-50. Use referrals of people who have supplied items to the business and establish how they were paid. This is your best bet at being paid.
  3. Tenant history : A tenant who has had a previous record of moving offices they have done business in might be involved in some activities that do not have regard for a physical address. This is a dangerous type of tenant to deal with because they could disappear on you without notice and with months of unpaid rent.
  4. Immigration status: The only way to establish that an individual is working in the united stated legally or illegally is to request to see their documentation. This is a sensitive matter and the state of Georgia requires the intervention of an attorney. While it is against the law to discriminate, it is upon you to protect your investment because the state cannot compensate you for unpaid rent in the event that the tenant is deported.
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