How to Spot Bad Tenant for Atlanta Investment Properties

More often than not, there are bad tenants looking to rent any of Atlanta investment properties. This calls for vigilance on the part Atlanta commercial property manager. As more and more people seek to rent commercial property, you should expect to see some shady characters that you must be alert to instantly identify and show them the door. So, what are signals or indications that reveal a prospective tenant is not fit for your commercial property?

How many numbers of people are around for inspection?

Be alert to the number of people who come to see the Atlanta commercial property. Can you confidently say they were just on inspection or are there some suspicions about their appearance? No matter what, any number after one or two should raise suspicion. It is a clear indication that the prospective tenant is not going to use the Atlanta office space alone. You may have a big problem to deal with later should you go ahead and allocate an office space to such tenant.

Does the prospective tenant have multiple addresses?

Another signal that a prospective tenant maybe unfits for Atlanta retail space lease is if he has multiple addresses. As a property manager, you should be alert to identify potential tenants who have had two or more addresses during the past two years. The reason why this kind of tenant may not be good is that he has likely been breaking leases during the past 2 years. It could also be an indication that he has been evicted more than once in the past 2 years.

Is the prospective tenant in a hurry to lease?

If the potential tenant is looking to rent Atlanta office space, is he in too big of a hurry to rent? Perhaps, the person tells you he needs an office space very quickly. Find out Ask why he or she is in such a hurry to rent and do not rush to set application process in motion. If you do, you may discover that the person was facing eviction from his last rental and was looking for a place to escape.

Is the person throwing money in your face?

Property management companies Atlanta should beware of anyone or potential tenants who are quick to wave money to bypass lease process and get a fast Atlanta retail space lease agreement. Of course, it may be tempting, but you need to do some investigations and find out more about the tenant before starting lease process. A quick reminder for anyone making such an offer that you have to complete your normal application process is important. If he disagreed, he is not your tenant.

Is the potential tenant asking to take the application home?

There is also the type of tenant who wants to take a rental application for commercial building home to complete. A clear indication that such a person may be a bad tenant is if he cannot wait until the application process is complete and then complete the paperwork.

The above are some of the ways Atlanta investment properties can identify bad tenants.



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