Seeking the assistance of the real estate broker when negotiating with your new tenant

While commercial real estate negotiations may not be very complex, it takes a lot more than just the price and terms. It is also a lot more complex than negotiating for a residential rental property.

Some property owners do the negotiations themselves without the help of real estate brokers. However, as you will learn in the information below, it comes with many risks that might cost you more than it takes to hire real estate brokers in Atlanta.

Why do you need the assistance of a real estate broker?

Professional drafting of the lease agreement
The lease agreement stipulates the relationship between the landlord and the tenant. It includes the pricing, terms and conditions and the responsibilities of both the tenant and the landlord.

The lease agreement is a legal document where omissions and mistakes can give rise of legal proceedings against you as the owner. When done by a professional, you indemnify yourself from the liability resulting from errors and omissions.

Saves you time
If the real estate management is not your core business or you do not spend the whole working day on it, you may find it hard to get some time to meet prospects for the rental space(s) on a daily basis. Moreover, you may not have that time to answer calls and respond to the emails from potential tenants. You may also not have time to network with the targeted business community to market your rental space. You may waste lots of time and end up not having a tenant to take up the space. A real estate broker has all the time to do all the above tasks at a small fee and let you concentrate on your core business.

A dealmaker
Negotiations are two-way where the potential tenant looks at less restrictive terms and cheaper space while the property owner looks at maximizing the profit. A professional Atlanta real estate broker helps in striking a deal with the client faster than you would do. The real estate brokers have been in the market for long and have met similar clients. They have the tactic to get the client to take the deal without necessary lowering the price of your rental space.
Get competent Atlanta commercial real estate brokers to take care of your negotiations and you will be smiling on your way to the bank and no potential legal risks on your part.

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