Reasons Why Your Tenants are Important

The financial situation, marital status or any other aspect of your tenants’ lives is not enough reason for you as the property manager to despise them. Money is the major reason why you are seeking tenants in the first place and any you find should be treated with respect and esteem. It is wrong for an Atlanta property management service to treat a tenant like they are doing them a favor by letting them use space in their building. Regardless of your personal feelings towards property renters, you should respect your tenants for the following reasons.

They pay your bills

Even as an Atlanta commercial property owner, you cannot live off the property if it is not occupied. It is that rent you expect at the end of the month that buys your food, pays for your children’s school fees and practically keeps you alive. All tenants are important in their own right because without the income that they bring, adjustments would have to be made to fit the current budget.

They deserve good quality service

Anyone who takes out money out of their pocket willingly to pay for a service is worthy of respect from the property owner. It is important therefore for property managers to ensure that any space that is being offered to tenants is in the best condition to serve their needs. It is not fair to give tenants a chance to complain when they have already signed an agreement to pay rent by your terms.

They keep maintenance costs low

A tenant who has occupied a unit of storage for a long time saves a lot of money that the property management services would have used. Advertising a warehouse vacancy, renovating damages and new tenant screening are all vital activities that have to be done very time a tenant moves out. Unfortunately these activities cost money which must be spent if the space is to be rented out again. The current tenant is an important aspect of your business because it is by their continuous stay there that you save your money.

Apart from monetary benefit, tenants give the best referral when you advertise for new vacancies. If you treat them with respect they are likely to be comfortable bringing their friends and relatives in as your tenants ready to sign the Atlanta retail space lease with you.

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