Reasons Why Now is the Time to Invest in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate

Nationally, U.S. commercial real estate sales tapped out at $435 billion in 2015, reported the JLL. That was a near record of the institutional capital flowing into the U.S. commercial and multifamily real estate market. Today, commercial real estate, especially in cities like Atlanta, is attracting a broader investor audience to the sector, and it means now is the time for you to consider picking up a piece of the pie for yourself.

There are multiple forces at work right now fueling the strong investor appetite for real estate in Atlanta. A few of them include concerns about slowing growth in China and the negative impact it’s going to have on the global economy.

Direct real estate investment offers investors benefits that include portfolio diversity, cash flow and appreciation. Though this isn’t the whole picture, here are a few reasons why you should consider investing in the Atlanta commercial real estate industry today:

  • Returns: The most convincing reason for investing in commercial real estate is the yields down the line. Real estate returns are attractive compared to alternatives in stock or bonds, even gold. With more individuals moving to Atlanta, building properties, and contributing to the local economy today, now is a perfect time to consider an investment in the local commercial real estate.
  • Cash Flow: Real estate investments deliver steady cash flows with dividends that are distributed to investors monthly, quarterly, or annually. Getting tenants into your commercial properties and rent payments structured will provide you with a monthly income you never thought was possible. Plus, we’re here to support all the management requirements for you while it’s happening.
  • Economy: Atlanta’s local economy is performing excellently today. Unemployment is down, job growth is up, and people are feeling more confident about their purchasing power than they were a few years ago. These kinds of developments indicate a great time to consider Atlanta commercial real estate.
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