Offices of the 21st century: More than just business

As Property management companies Atlanta based, it is important to realize that the office establishment is not only a place for doing business, but also an establishment to express style and offer comfort. With so many options coming up from designers all over the world, how then do Atlanta property management professionals keep up with the market? There is personal preference on one end and emerging trends on the other. These must be considered if the carpet is to be fitted for human use but there are other important aspects that must not be overlooked.


What is the nature of business done at this office complex? How many people will be visiting the offices on a daily basis? Office set ups that require clients to walk in and out need a strong carpet that will not wear out at the path lines because this will compromise on the overall look of the office. Consideration should also be exercised for office buildings that have a lot of inventory passing through the floor space. This means that heavy loads will be brought in and out frequently and the nature of the carpet should reflect this. In choosing durable carpeting, density, twist and fiber used should be carefully selected to match the activities that will be weighing on it.

Ease of cleaning

Unlike carpets intended for home floors, office carpets will undergo more cleaning incidents because the chances of getting soiled are higher. It will be better to buy a carpet that is stain resistant but which cleans easily when the need arises. The average American spends more than14 hours in the office meaning that any contaminants in the office carpet have ample time to cause illness if not regularly removed. If a carpet is only washed on the visible spots then the rate of wear is higher than for a carpet that is entirely washed.


The office environment needs a lot of walking around in heels and fitted shoes and most employees usually use the time at their desks to kick off the shoes and let their feet breath. This is an important consideration when choosing a floor carpet. While it is not expected to be the fluffy kind, it should be comfortable enough to step on barefoot.

When sourcing for a carpet for your Atlanta commercial property, use the services of a reputable company that will not employ shortcuts in their work. You would rather spend a lot of money at a go than spend little that will need to be repeated every other year.


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