How to Choose the Perfect Plant for Atlanta Commercial Property

Choosing the perfect plant for commercial building is one of the functions of Atlanta property management companies. Having plants in commercial property can be a great way to bright up the interior of the building, making it more pleasant and cheerful.

If you are contemplating adding plants to the property, you should know that not all plants do well in an indoor office environment. As an Atlanta commercial property manager, you should bear in mind that plants vary widely in their tolerance of lighting, temperature, and humidity. Since there are some measures of control over the environment of the Atlanta office space, you need to choose plants that are going to be a good match to the building. If plants are chosen carefully, not only will they survive, they will even thrive.

Indoor office plants for Atlanta commercial property, just like all other indoor plants, need good light. But, this varies depending on the plant type. A good rule of thumb is to choose a plant with large, beautiful leaves. This is because plants with larger leaves tend to require less light. The fact that they have more leaf surface area available helps the plants to absorb the existing light.

Since the air in Atlanta office space often tends to be dry, you should try to choose a plant that does not need an especially humid environment to survive. Also, misting is not something that would be easy to achieve in an office environment, you should try to avoid plants that have this type of requirement.

Generally, the kind of plants that property management companies Atlanta often choose are those plants that are hardy and require little maintenance. This is good because most tenants may not have a lot of time available to cater for office plant. So, the kind of office plants for Atlanta investment properties that can get by without requiring frequent watering should be considered. These plants will not become dry and die during holidays, long weekends, or vacations.

Also, as an Atlanta commercial property manager, you should take into consideration the neatness of the plant when choosing the best commercial office plants. However, you should avoid plants that tends to drop flowers or leaves habitually. They would not be a good choice for the commercial property. In fact, flowering plants should be jettisoned altogether, due to the fact that may cause allergies or reactions from people coming into the building.

So, what are some good plant varieties for Atlanta retail space lease? A rubber plant is always a great choice, because it can survive in less light than most plants. Of course, if you really do not have preference for natural plants, you can always resort to some artificial plants.


Adding plants to Atlanta commercial property is a great way to add that extra personal touch.  Property services Atlanta can always take advantage of plants to make the property very presentable to prospective tenants.


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