5 tips on carpet installation

Property ownership is not just about building a complex and looking for tenants. It is about coming up with ways to ensure that your tenants want to stay in your building for as long as is necessary. One of the most important aspects of an office building is the carpet because it might not be within the company budget of the tenant to keep changing it to their liking. Apart from making sure that the color you choose for the carpet matches with the theme of the company, here are some tips for getting the best bargain.

  1. Go for accurate quotations: The good thing about buying a carpet is that you already have the measurements of the area where you want it to be placed. If you are unable to take the measurements yourself, use the services of the many fittings companies in Georgia. Insist on an exact cost estimate based on the size.
  2. Use local dealers: the idea of getting a carpet shipped from California may appear glamorous and it may be true that they have the best materials. The downside is in the installation. You need someone who will be available to do the fittings and who can be reached any time when the need for adjustment arises. Since there are many carpet dealers in Georgia, the competition ensures that they upgrade their collection every now and then. This is unless the company using the space wants to have customized installation from a specific company that they have worked with before.
  3. Keep your tenants informed: Why is it that some units you have rented out have complains of worn out carpets while others still appear to be newly installed. It is all in the maintenance and you cannot blame tenants for lacking knowledge on how to do it. Office buildings are best taken care of by hired cleaners who service all the floors. This ensures uniformity and best practices when using cleaning agents.
  4. Assess the installation: It is not enough to have people come over to your premises to install the carpets. Before you sign off the installation as having been done, inspect every inch of the work done. It is time consuming but it will save you from having to do it again in the future with a tenant in the unit.
  5. Say no to unnecessary add-ons: It sounds like a free service to get an extra padding of foam or waterproof lining but not all floors will need this. Unless it is absolutely necessary, these additions will only increase your costs of replacements later.

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