5 Tips to Maintain Your Atlanta Commercial Property and Keep Your Tenants Happy

Keeping your tenant or attracting new ones in a place like Atlanta Georgia will require you maintaining your property very well. As long as you have a property or properties, you will have to plan appropriately for maintenance. It is by so doing you can retain your tenants and make them comfortable on your property. No doubt, every rental property requires maintenance. For many property owners, it is mostly just a pain. To make your task easy, there are areas to check often and maintain.


Mend leaks


Your property will shift and settle over time and before you know it, you will start seeing small openings around your doors and windows. All these parts of your property need to be checked regularly and maintained. If you can do the maintenance yourself, then you need to spend a little time caulking those leaks and repairing that weathered molding. Often, it is possible to save some fortune if cracks and leaks are detected on time and fixed.


Keep hallways and other common areas clean


As in any city, tenants in Atlanta expect shared spaces to look their best at all times. This is part of maintenance you will be required to do regularly. Your regular maintenance will involve keeping the pressure-washing façades clean, parking out falling leaves and or snow, cleaning gutters, downspouts, and other areas.

All these and their associated maintenance costs are more than worthwhile for you as the owner of the property to take up because it leads to better curb appeal, fewer accidents, and reduced liability risks.


Make use of green roof insulation


Another area you may need to fix is the insulation. If you need to beef up your property’s insulation at any time, consider green roof insulation. Some materials like sheep’s wool, soy, recycled denim, and recycled denim are all commonly used as green insulation.


Keep the backyard deck in good condition


Check the backyard deck if you have not done so for a while. You may discover that the deck needs some attention. If you are going to repair the deck, it is advisable to go green by selecting green materials. Use natural wood in place of plastic. In the past, stains and other wood preservatives such as creosote have been used as the only option for keeping the deck healthy. However, today, there are good numbers of environment friendly and non-polluting paints, stains, sealers, and wood finishes that you can use to maintain your deck and keep your tenants happy.


Keep pests away


Another thing you should not forget is keeping pests away from your building. It is important to provide a building that is pests-free to your tenants so that they will be comfortable living on or using your property. Not keeping pests away can result into larger maintenance cost because of damages from the activities of pests.

So, if you are a property owner in Atlanta, you will find the 5 tips above useful as you seek to maintain your property and make your tenants comfortable and happy.

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