3 Trends Affecting Atlanta Commercial Real Estate

As the country continues to move towards a more relatively stable economic environment compared to the last 10-years, signs are looking up for Atlanta commercial real estate, construction, and investment opportunities in the future. The Labor Department just confirmed that unemployment is at a 10-year low, and although a moderate amount of jobs were added in March, the greater Atlanta region has a lot to look forward to in coming months.

All of these factors have direct effects on commercial real estate, transactions, and property managements. As such, we monitor these developments to help our clients.

Here are 3 trends to watch for in the Atlanta commercial real estate industry today:

  1. Low Interest: Though the Fed is planning on hiking the interest rate for the first time in a while, it will still be minor in comparison to rates in the past. Both inflation and employment appear to be coming in under the Fed’s expectations. As such, now is a great time to make investments in commercial real estate before interest rates continue to increase.
  2. Foreign Investment: Money continues to pour in from oversees, making international capital flows real estate assets a massive player in today’s game. Investors, most notably from China, are fond of the stability of the American commercial real estate sector, and should be monitored from here on out.
  3. Low Supply: Demand far outweighs supply for commercial property in Atlanta today. If you own commercial properties, be aware of the power you have over tenants. It won’t be too long before supply catches back up to demand with a few years of construction.

Though there are more trends to look for, these three are the most powerful in shaping the Atlanta commercial real estate industry today and in coming months.

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