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Archive for March 2018

Creating an Ethical Property Management Practice

When your commercial property is ready for occupancy, either after a successful completion phase or after closing an Atlanta commercial real estate sale, it is now time for the much awaited phase which is income generation. Property management can be straightforward because every party knows their responsibility in the engagement. The reason why many landlords…

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How to Get Tenants Easily for Atlanta Retail Space Lease

If you’re an Atlanta commercial property manager who needs tenants to fill vacant spaces, what can you do to attract them quickly and rent out the available space in your commercial property? Well, there are numbers of things you should do to get your property in the eyes of tenants. Lots of property management companies…

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Some Tenants Have Something to Hide: Get to the Bottom of it

When it is in your best interest, being snoopy is good for you and your Atlanta investment properties. The state of Georgia is very particular on the right to privacy of a tenant and it is important that you uphold that. It is however also important to realize some of the issues that tenants lie…

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How to Find the Right Atlanta Office Space

If you are looking for the best Atlanta office space, how may you get it? So many people want Atlanta retail space lease but are not quite sure if they will find the right one. Perhaps, you prefer a quiet area. To find the best office space, you will need to do a numbers of…

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Reasons Why Your Tenants are Important

The financial situation, marital status or any other aspect of your tenants’ lives is not enough reason for you as the property manager to despise them. Money is the major reason why you are seeking tenants in the first place and any you find should be treated with respect and esteem. It is wrong for…

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