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Archive for December 2017

All You Should Know About the Concept of Tenant Mix

The concept of tenant mix is not one known to all. The idea behind a tenant mix is very simple and the term very self explanatory. Tenant mix is simply putting together a collection of tenants so as to help maximize sales traffic which would in turn increase the sales revenue of the tenants. It…

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Air Conditioning Maintenance for Commercial Properties in Atlanta

Proper air condition is a must have feature for any kind of building. The importance of having a proper and functioning air conditioning system cannot be overemphasized. You absolutely do not want your tenants or their customers to be sporting sweaty bodies in the building as if a gym is being run. In the case…

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Why Your Commercial Parking Lot Needs to be Remodeled

Remodeling entails an overhaul of certain things. Literally, one is trading an old perhaps outdated look for a newer and modern one. Whatever business you may be conducting be it a retail store, a hotel or a restaurant, remodeling your parking lot undeniably adds a fresher outlook to your business. As is accurately demonstrated in…

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