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Archive for November 2017

Weatherizing Commercial Properties

The concept of weatherizing a home or a commercial property (in this context) simply implies how the factors that contribute to the heating and cooling system of a commercial building during summer and winter can be effectively controlled. There are ways by which energy can be saved through weatherizing which includes sealing air leaks in…

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Ways You Can Properly Maintain Your Commercial Buildings

Maintenance is a very important phenomenon where commercial buildings are concerned and it is because proper maintenance helps to preserve the essence and market value of your buildings. Have you ever seen a poorly maintained building or buildings? Do they look like properties you would like to invest in? The failure to maintain and preserve…

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Roof Repair for Commercial Buildings

A roof is one of the most important if not the most important feature on a building. Without a roof, your building would definitely not be set to be occupied. It is for this reason that if your roof does as little as harbouring a tiny leak, it would need closer examination and attention. The…

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