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Archive for April 2017

Artificial Intelligence Eyes Property Management Industry

The amount of renters in the United States today is at an all-time high. In cities like Atlanta, San Francisco, and New York, close to 60% of the residents there are renters. In the last 10-years alone, nine million more households have become renters, the biggest spike in our country’s history. The growth in rental…

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The Top 3 Reasons You Need a Commercial Property Management Company

In today’s business world, it can be hard to juggle marketing, payroll, accounting, and more, all in a day’s time. One of the most beneficial things you can do for your property, your businesses, and your tenants is to outsource the property management demands to a third-party business like us, ready to ensure everything flows…

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Atlanta Commercial News: UPS to Build Distribution

Atlanta is a national hub of commercial real estate activity today, and as such, it can be hard to keep up with all of the industry developments and announcements. This week, national conglomerate UPS announced they have signed a lease with Majestic Realty Co. to build their largest distribution facility in the country – right…

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Reasons Why Now is the Time to Invest in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate

Nationally, U.S. commercial real estate sales tapped out at $435 billion in 2015, reported the JLL. That was a near record of the institutional capital flowing into the U.S. commercial and multifamily real estate market. Today, commercial real estate, especially in cities like Atlanta, is attracting a broader investor audience to the sector, and it…

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3 Trends Affecting Atlanta Commercial Real Estate

As the country continues to move towards a more relatively stable economic environment compared to the last 10-years, signs are looking up for Atlanta commercial real estate, construction, and investment opportunities in the future. The Labor Department just confirmed that unemployment is at a 10-year low, and although a moderate amount of jobs were added…

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