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How to Be an Expert at Negotiating a Commercial Lease

Commercial lease deals, indeed all negotiations, require the following mindset: think win-win. If you go into a negotiation, whether you’re the owner or the landlord, or — on the other side — whether you’re the tenant or the buyer, think win-win for the best chance of making the deal. The problem that we see all the…

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Control Costs on Commercial Buildings

An inexperienced commercial real estate investor may believe that controlling costs is a function of getting the best deal from the two or three contractors that give you an estimate on a repair but to those of us who have driven costs on commercial property, it is more a function of getting value for your…

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Tenant Science has a fantastic commercial real estate referral program what will have you stuffing your pockets full of cash. If you are a real estate agent in the Atlanta area and you work with owners of commercial real estate, you can make money referring your clients to us. At Tenant Science, we manage commercial…

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